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Industry Groups

cap protocol


The Common Alerting Protocol (CAP) is an open, non-proprietary standard data interchange format that can be used to collect all types of hazard warnings and reports locally, regionally and nationally, for input into a wide range of information-management and warning dissemination systems.

emergency interoperability consortium


The Emergency Interoperability Consortium is made up of organizations that share the same goals for interoperable emergency communications systems. The EIC's primary objective is to create a national approach for data interoperability through an industry-government consortium.



COMCARE is a non-profit national advocacy organization of over 100 members, all dedicated to advancing emergency communications. As an organization, its goal is to create an environment of seamless, geographically targeted information sharing to achieve the most advanced response to emergencies.

Homeland Security Information Network

The Homeland Security Information Network provides a nation-wide platform to share essential homeland security information with the proper stakeholders. This information sharing is accomplished both horizontally across the government and vertically among federal, state and local governments, private sector and citizens as outlined in the President's National Strategy for Homeland Security


RAIDER is designed as a local data gathering and sharing system that cooperates with larger regional and national information infrastructures.

Its primary function is to provide local jurisdictions with the means to collect and disseminate incident data that would be useful in a larger context while at the same time enhancing operational capabilities at the local and regional level.