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Data Sources

Weather Conditions


Weather Data

The RAIDER computer can optionally connect to and download meteorological data from a vehicle's weather station. At the discretion of E.R. personnel, a weather data session can be initiated and measurements such as temperature, humidity, wind speed and wind direction continuously recorded.

This information can be shared with trusted sites enabling off-site personnel to model dispersal plumes of hazardous substances using more sophisticated models than may be available in the command vehicle.

Our Partners 

RAIDER data sources consist of a variety of hardware such as instruments, GPS transmitters, audio and video equipment.  We work closely with our partners to develop  intermediate software that connects to the data source and processes the incoming data streams  for display and storage.


The RAIDER computer can work stand-alone or be integrated into the vehicle's local network.  A cellular data modem provides connectivity for data sharing if none is provided by the vehicle.  This option works well in most metropolitan areas and can be augmented with a satellite data link in regions of poor coverage. 

RAIDER is an open ended platform that will continue to adapt to technological developments in the fields of wireless sensing devices, sensor networks and Internet protocols for data communications.